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Project: meta_city, Selangor
Client: Villamas

meta_city is a mixed development. It is named ‘meta’ and branded as a hotspot that ‘transcends the norm’. The tagline ‘infuse, create and inspire’ positions it as a place where vibrant lifestyles, creativity and trends converge to transform work, play and live norms.

The master branding was applied to subsequent project components for BLIZ and LUX SOHO.

LUX SOHO @ meta_city
LUX is a unique urban home that merges living and work spaces with comfort and functionality. Designed for progressive urbanites to transcend new norm lifestyles with flexible creativity.

BLIZ @ meta_city
BLIZ offers spacious homes for young families. Its ’complete lifestyle’ branding promises trendy urban facilities and living choices for every need.

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